Veronika Kruta

Veronika caught the tango bug in 2005 and has been avidly dancing since; studying with world renowned instructors, investigating different styles, and exploring both the follower's and leader's roles. In 2008 she started hosting and DJing at milongas and festivals, and began teaching in 2010. She has worked extensively to build the community in Boston and Western Massachusetts and also been invited to teach, DJ, and organize events around the United States, Canada, Europe and Argentina. Since 2014 she has been dividing her time between living and studying in Buenos Aires and traveling to share her love of this dance.

Veronika’s approach is informed by a life-long experience with dance and creative arts. Growing up in her family's art and performance gallery, Veronika was introduced to various forms of expression at a young age. She continued to develop her artistic sensibility at the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts High School and holds a BFA in the Studio for Interrelated Media from Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

For Veronika tango is not just a dance, it is an art form and a life-style that connects us to people from all around the world, across cultures and histories. Veronika's aim is to give others the tools not only to improve their dancing skill but also to understand the cultural components that give meaning to our movement and create those memorable moments that keep us all so intoxicated by tango's many charms!

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