Special Guided Práctica, DJed from '78 and '33 RPM Original Records

NICK JONES is an enthusiastic collector of records, he has acquired his collection over the last 15 years by scouring everything from junk shops and street stands in Buenos Aires to garage sales, used book stores around the world to deeply appreciated donations from old hippie friends and his grandmother!

He has an extensive collection of  ’33 RPM and rare ’78 RPM records.  The ’78 RPM records were recorded between 1910 and 1950; they are extremely fragile and only have one song per side.  The majority of tango music we dance too was recorded in the ’78 rpm format.  Dancing to these is the closest we can arrive to the original musicians!!! (The only other way is to come and hear the ORCHESTRA!!!  [or to have a time machine])

The collection includes Blues, Jazz and Traditional Argentine Tango music. Many of these records have yet to be transferred into the digital format or CDs, thusly, the only place to hear them is at the practica when he DJ’s!

You are guaranteed to hear old favorites as well as songs you have NEVER, EVER heard before!!!  This will be including two records signed by Alberto Podesta!

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