A Dance Theatre Production presented by


In Collaboration with

 Parasol Arts, Behind The Ogden, Boulder Tango Studio, Mercury Café, CMDance


Concept and Direction 

Diana Cruz

Featuring renowned artist: 

Jorge Muscia, El fileteador del Tango

Among the many exciting new features of the 2016 edition, the NaturalTango Festival is thrilled to feature its artists in a Full Length Dance Theatre Production! We proudly bring to you: ONIRIA TANGO. On April 18th, 19th and 20th. At the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theatre. (119 Park Ave W. Denver, CO)


This one-of-a-kind production features renowned artist Jorge Muscia, "El Fileteador de Tango", who will be painting a LIFE SIZE MURAL on stage! A 24ft x 8ft MURAL, highlighting images of Tango and South American culture and passion, will be painted publicly over the course of seven days: starting on Monday, April 18th, opening night of "Oniria Tango", at the stage of Cleo Parker Robinson Theatre; it will develop during each show, immersing the audience in a unique living art process each night; it will continue being painted during the NaturalTango Festival day/evening events at the Mercury Café, including body art painting!; and it will be exhibited on Sunday, April 24th, at the Closing Milonga of the NTFestival, to be held at the Black Box Theatre of the Colorado Ballet!! (1075 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204)


In transition between reality and dreamscape, the dancers will be fully integrated into the images and story of the Mural. Tango Painting, Dancing and Music will be developed on stage. Mr. Muscia will paint a two-dimensional oneiric story that the dancers of "Oniria Tango" will translate into movements, expanding it in time and space…


The director and main creative force of "Oniria Tango", Diana Cruz, has been obsessed with producing this show since 2009. She started defining concepts and gathering artists to make a truly unique tango show experience. In collaboration with Parasol Arts (a nonprofit organization for artists) and the organization of the NaturalTango Festival, the complex process of "Oniria Tango" began turning its gears on in July 2015, in Buenos Aires. With artists based in Buenos Aires (AR) and in Denver/Boulder, Colorado (USA), the idea and dance-writing developed in each of these cities in a culturally rich experience.


Performed by NaturalTango Festival 2016 dancers:

Giselle Anne

Carolina del Rivero

Gaby Mataloni 

Amy Anderson 

Diana Cruz 

Gustavo Naveira

Donato Juarez 

Guillermo Cerneaz

Nicholas Jones



Cleo Parker Robinson: 119 Park Ave W. Denver.

The Mercury Café: 2199 California St. Denver

Colorado Ballet Theatre: 1075 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204

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