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Friday, April 27th @ 8:00pm

@ Mercury Café


Sneak peek at new documentary “Guerrilla Tango"

A grassroots collective in Buenos Aires races to save social tango from unreasonable government closures. This is a story of cultural evolution, bureaucracy, and of learning the art of the peaceful protest. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the Director. 

by Greg Gonzales & Amy Anderson
using material originating from
the "Formative Haptic Center"

“Photo courtesy of the Formative Haptics Center.”

Saturday April 28th @1:00pm

@ Mercury Café

“Photo courtesy of the Formative Haptics Center.”

“Photo courtesy of the Formative Haptics Center.”

Anatomy in Spotlight: 
"Core Muscles: Deep into Dissociation"


The Anatomy In Clay® Learning System is an exclusive hands-on approach that has led the way in innovative anatomy education for more than thirty years.


“The Core of the Body” is a term that is seen all the time when discussing movement in Yoga classes, Pilates classes, Cross Fit, etc., and even in Tango. BUT what exactly is it and how does the control of it really make a better tango dancer? The only way to truly have control of your movement and be an effective dancer is to know and understand what part of the core you are using, how to engage it, and how it effects your partner.

This class is designed to introduce the deeper concepts of the main rotational factors between the ribcage and the pelvis, understand the function of the musculature and the movement of the joints, and learn how the disassociation of the ribcage and pelvis create the power that drives the movement of tango.

Using the Anatomy in Clay Learning System®, a hands-on technique to build the musculature of the body using clay on a model skeleton, the student gets the best three dimensional understanding of the anatomy and how it interacts with the rest of the body to create movement.

“Gregory Gonzales leads hands-on sessions at the Formative Haptics Center using the Anatomy In Clay Learning System. He trained with Jon Zahourek, the creator of this system and leads workshops that explore and promote understanding of the mechanisms of the hip, the knee, and the foot/ankle system. Gregory has an academic background in kinesiology and decades of work as a professional dancer and dance instructor.”


“The Formative Haptics Center is a nonprofit facility created to promote and conduct anatomy education using an innovative method of instruction. Programs include workshops on the muscles and tendons of the foot and ankle as well as other major body structures.”


Friday 27th @ 12:30pm

Saturday 28th @ 11:30am

"Photo courtesy of the Formative Haptics Center.”

Topics of the classes at the NaturalTango Festival 2018

Friday Class 

The Embrace and the Upper body from top of the head to the lowest rib......

Everyone knows how important a great embrace is to communicating to a partner in tango but may not know the connection all the way through the spine from the very top down. Free, effortless movement begins at the neck and works its way down to the lowest rib where the most rotation of the spine resides. Learn to capitalize on this kinetic chain to give yourself the best possible posture, movement, and embrace in this class based on a combination of Pilates and Dance Medicine.

After having worked in Dance Medicine for 24 years, Amy Anderson has helped dancers in all styles of dance, professional and non-professional alike. She has developed a series of very effective exercises and stretches that can aid in the prevention and rehabilitation of all sorts of bio-mechanical issues that often trouble dancers. The dancer learns to correct alignment, identify the trouble spots and apply the exercises to be stronger, more flexible and improve dance technique.


Saturday Class 

It ALL starts with the Feet then the knees, then the hips......

There isn’t a dancer who has not muttered the words “my feet are killing me!”after hours of practicing. Foot pain is usually just taken in stride by most dancers. However, with proper strengthening, flexibility, and muscle control, foot pain no longer needs to be the bane of one’s existence on the dance floor. The same can be said for the knees and hips. Any part of the body that you use while dancing needs attention and care and it will keep you dancing pain free!The combination is suprisingly simple and logical and will go a long way in helping you be strong and injury free.

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