Guillermo Cerneaz y Gaby Mataloni

GUILLERMO CERNEAZ is one of the most creative, fun, and multi-dimensional tango dancers in the current world of tango. 

Born & raised in Buenos Aires, Guillermo started dancing tango at the age of 19. He has been teaching tango for over 15 years in Buenos Aires and around the world. 

In the past two years he has participated in many festivals such as the Portland Tango Fest, San Miguel de Allende Tango Festival, Tango Festival Toronto, Princeton Tango Festival, Valentango, Rosario Tango Festival, Tango Festival Philadelphia, Denver Natural Tango and Tango Weekend Warsaw. Besides working in the US he has been working on major tango events in Europe as well. 

Guillermo is a charismatic teacher who focuses on the social aspect of tango. He has created a teaching method using exercises that help students to learn faster and dance in a more dynamic way. His classes are progressive and are built from the elements that the student already possesses, in order to be more creatively and dance more freely. As a dancer he is known for his musicality, speed and accuracy. 


GABY MATALONI, born in Buenos Aires, this porteña dancer has been connected to the world of Dance since her childhood. Her first steps were into the Jazz and competitive Aerobics, going afterwards through different international rhythms such as Hip hop, Salsa, Axè, Theatre dance and Lindy hop. At the age of 21, moved by the desire of learning more about her own culture and traditions, she discovers Tango, finding in it her real passion and vocation. From then on, she starts studying with different Tango teachers and in several schools in order to find, then, her own style.

Fully dedicated and committed to tango teaching and dancing, she has given classes at hostels and different milongas in Buenos Aires, such as the well-known Viva la Pepa Milonga, La Mandrilera Milonga and La María Milonga, of which she has also been co-creator and organizer.
As to the Tango teaching, her method is simple and friendly, aiming at allowing the students to feel comfortable during the process so that they can enjoy it and bring the best of themselves out. She also prioritizes the sociable aspect of the dancing, its improvisation essence and the connection with the other. Her focus is on transmitting her students all the tools needed to apply the learned concepts at the milonga.

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