Rino Fraina

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Wayne Rozier

DJ Roz, Wayne Rozier, is the antidote to uninspiring nuevo and unambitious traditional milongas. Over the last 5 years he has developed his style and turned the Neo/Alt/Nuevo format on its head, rethinking the standard Tanda-Cortina-Tanda approach. He has revised the alternative milonga to be distinct from traditional venues in more ways than just the music.

You will find that Wayne plays music in obvious triplets but he also overlaps and links the end of one triplet with the start of the next. This forms a flow of music that also contains discernible invitations, empowering dancers to make their own choice on whether to end a tanda at 2 or 3 tracks, or to extend the partnership.

Wayne now runs two UK venues – The surreal Tango FFS, in Fleet as an alternative tango venue, and the Papa Caliente Milonga in the 12th Century setting of St Laurence church in Reading. Both venues are highly regarded for their music choices and ambience. Wayne DJs for Tango Alchemy and the Rock-Bottoms Tango holiday weekends, the traditional and Nuevo rooms at Dos Almas in the summer, he has also guested at Negracha in London, iSalon in Hatfield, and many local clubs in the south of England.

Nick Jones

NICK JONES had an inauspicious beginning as a DJ.  In 1998 Nick decided to give it a try, so he “borrowed” all of his Mom’s CD’s, which she had brought back from Buenos Aires, and started learning the orchestras, songs and names.  He was “DJing” one week later!

Since then his tango music collection, knowledge and taste has grown immensely.  (All the Dancers are thankful for this.) He has DJ’ed at festivals, milongas and practicas across North America & Australia.As a DJ Nick has a good sense of flow, the weight and value of each orchestra, and importantly (for long time dancers) a good balance between known loved tangos and unknown inspiring danceable music!

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